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Rudraksha Seeds & Hematite

Hey there lovelies!

Reaching out to share a little bit about the malas I make. When I started my brother-in-law sent me huge strands of Rudraksha seeds from India. There’s a picture in my Instagram feed somewhere back in time about a year or so ago. I chose to use them for guru beads in my malas to pay homage to their origin and also because of the benefits of the seeds themselves.

The Rudraksha seeds I use are known as “panchmukhi” or five-faced, in Hinduism, it is believed that these Rudraksha seeds are good for everyone, man women or child. If you are a nerd like me, check out an article on called “Rudraksha Guide & Benefits” it goes deep into this wonderful seed. It is a manifestation powerhouse that has been worn for centuries. It is known to reverse the effects of stress, alleviate anxiety, and promote self-empowerment. Placing it in the position of Guru bead harnesses the manifestation aspect acting as an energy receptacle, which then charges the mala with your intentions.

For the most part, all the malas you see in my Etsy shop have hematite spacers. There are several reasons why I use Hematite instead of metal, the main reasons being: people can be allergic to metal, finding quality metal beads has been a challenge for me and hematite is easy to care for. I love hematite, it’s a beautiful replacement for metal in the malas I create and its metaphysical properties are numerous. Want to invite harmony and balance into your life, grab a piece of hematite. Boost willpower and confidence while remaining grounded and protected. This stone will “have your back” and is a great choice when working to improve self-esteem and remove self-limitations. Who doesn’t need a piece of hematite in their lives?

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