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Unconditional Love of Self...

I was a part of a powerful conversation last Friday which left me in a teary mess that I am still integrating. A lot of us grew up in places and spaces where we didn’t feel accepted or that we belonged, and this outer world rejection became internalized.

This rejection of self keeps us disconnected from the divine, source, universe, god – what have you, and it is the reason we can feel abandoned by the divine. The key, the missing piece for me is the true unconditional love of self.

We have to love ourselves first, accept ourselves first, connect with ourselves first, and be willing to remember our innocence. A simple concept to understand, but the implementation may feel overwhelmingly difficult for some of us.

This process starts with being open, curious, and willing. Just be willing to accept yourself wholly and unconditionally. Be willing to see your light and your dark as pieces of your divinity, because you are divine without a doubt. Light and dark are always going to exist, they need each other. It’s up to you how much of each gets to take up space within you. If you eradicate the darkness there is no space for the light.

I remember sitting in a church pew when I was 13-15 years old, I’d come with a friend to Sunday services, and the guy at the front – the pastor had us all close our eyes. Then he asked that those of us who had never invited Jesus into our hearts to put up our hands.

I was one of the ones who put up my hand, and I don’t remember what followed after that, but I do remember my willingness to connect with the divine, and I also remember thinking that that moment should have felt more substantial. Like a lightning strike or at the very least a little thunder rumbling from the sky.

I am just now putting the pieces together nearly 30 years later, and now I know why the sky didn’t open up. Until I fully and unconditionally accept myself and see my own innocence I won’t be open to the feeling of the unconditional love of the divine.

All too often we look outside of ourselves for love & acceptance. I was born into a place where I wasn’t accepted, I didn’t fit, and I didn’t belong. As a child, I struggled to understand why I was treated like an outsider by the children I quite literally, grew up with.

Now I can see why my soul chose this life. My experiences as a young child were meant to fuel my journey towards self-acceptance, self love and not rely on others to give me what I’m meant to give myself.

I now help people who feel powerless, angry, and lost find their stability by guiding them to live life intentionally which leads them into empowered wholeness. We start with a willingness to create positive changes, dive into self-discovery with courage, and establish daily routines that create space for personal empowerment.

I am excited for my upcoming 7-Week Intention Intensive program where I will guide people from scattered chaos into their empowered wholeness by creating intentions in seven key areas self-care, self-discovery, community, energy, time, money & celebration, and taking aligned actions to realize just how powerful they really are.

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