About Me...


I am Juniper, what matters to me most is that I share my gifts with honesty & integrity. I have a genuine desire to help others using my knowledge & experience to influence their lives in a meaningful way.

I create beautifully designed one of a kind mala necklaces that can help you add meditation, and intention setting into your daily life. Which will enable you to heal old & not so old wounds, and promote mental health by

changing your internal dialogue.

Looking to be more hands-on with the creation of your custom mala? Fantastic, let me create for you, your very own mala making kit by either attending one of my workshops or an online workshop. (Coming Soon!)

I believe that everyone is worthy of living their best life, and with my handcrafted jewelry, you can heal yourself and step

into a better way of being.

For more information about Mala Workshops or online sessions please send me an email, let's get together and create!


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