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About Me...

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I create beautifully designed one-of-a-kind mala necklaces that can help you add meditation, and intention setting into your daily routine. Which will enable you to heal old & not so old wounds, promote mental health by changing your internal dialogue, and give you a tool to process the energies that affect you externally. 

It's incredible how making incremental changes in your daily routine becomes the catalyst to great change in your overall life. I believe that everyone is worthy of living their best life, and with my handcrafted jewelry, you can heal yourself and step

into a better way of being. 


Looking to be more hands-on with the creation of your custom mala? Fantastic, let me create for you, your very own mala-making kit by either attending one of my in-person workshops, an online workshop either self-directed or 1:1/group virtually. 

For more information about Mala Workshops or online sessions please send me an email. Let's get together and create!

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