Custom Malas:

Created with Your Intentions

A handcrafted mala, created around your personal intentions, will empower you to become the best version of yourself.

What a wonderful gift to give someone you love.

I want to be the catalyst for change in your life!

I believe that a handcrafted mala created around your personal intentions will empower you to become the best version of yourself.

My malas are a beautiful daily reminder to live with intention. Combined with Reiki energy to help you feel both mentally & emotionally ready to attract that which you desire into your world.

Five Stars on Etsy
— Cat from Camrose
“Love it. More beautiful than the picture. Fast shipping as well. Thank you.

Download the Custom Mala Form today and let's get started on your very own Mala necklace.

Custom Mala Bridal Packages:

How one custom mala turned into six...I started making Malas in March of 2018 to sell on my Etsy shop. One of the first pieces I posted to Instagram was a lovely Amazonite & Rudraksha Seed Mala with a gold lotus charm. A close friend of mine asked me about it and wondered if I could/would modify it for her. As soon as she expressed interest in the piece, my intuition told me to restring it, so redesigning it was a no brainer.

While recreating the mala our conversations turned to the creation of malas as gifts for her bridesmaids, (which included me). This is how interest in one mala turned into my first custom mala order. I created 6 unique pieces, which included the very first mala I would ever make for myself.

Knowing the women I was designing these malas for allowed me to resurrect trust in my intuition. It reminded me of a strength I thought I'd lost, that deep knowing which guides me today.

Are you looking for a unique and deeply personal gift for the women & men standing up for you on your big day? Contact me today for your own Custom Mala Bridal Package.
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