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Caring for your Mala

4 things to keep in mind:

  1. Avoid using lotions and perfumes as these can affect the integrity of the threads used to create your mala.

  2. Don’t wear them while swimming or exercising. Potentially you could become ensnared in the necklace, which could lead to injury and embarrassment but mainly because it’s best to avoid both water & sweat for the same reasons as lotions & perfumes.

  3. Keep them away from direct sun exposure, some stones fade over time due to the sun’s bleaching effects. Hanging them in your car or somewhere sunny will shorten the life of your mala.

  4. Do cleanse them regularly as they will absorb all the energy you encounter in your daily life. My favourite way to cleanse my malas is by setting them out each full moon, and if I’m wearing them during a situation where there is a lot of negative energy around me, I will tuck them in a bag with a few pieces of black tourmaline for a few hours.


Don’t have black tourmaline? No problem, use some salt.


The salt method:
  • Grab a container like a small mason jar with a lid

  • Put mala inside and seal it

  • Grab a larger second jar and put the mala in the bottom

  • Pour a cup or two of salt over that, just enough to submerge the mala.

  • Let it sit for 24-48 hours or until you feel it’s done.


You can even combine this method in conjunction with the full moon for an extra cleanse and recharge.

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