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Creating with Cricut

Creating with Cricut

So why did I decide to get into the world of Cricut & Designing Decals?

The short answer;

I got fed up with being disappointed that funny shirts didn't come in my size or shipping cost more than the shirt I was interested in.


The long answer;

I've experienced disappointment many times over the years when cool shirts would pop up in my social media feed, or in shops. Either the shirt I liked didn't come in my size or the price - especially when shipping is involved because shipping to Canada is insane!

I have been around long enough to know that if I'm experiencing something I know I'm not alone - others are feeling the same way. Once I'm able to come up with a solution it only makes sense that I would share it with others.

2019 - 2020  my husband surprised me with a Cricut machine and I'll be honest -  I felt intimidated by it. That, and in order to start working with it, there was the big complicated process of getting everything set up for it. I needed to update my laptop to be compatible, which meant that I would have to say goodbye to my Adobe CS5 software. I hadn't yet found a comparable software to replace it with - that didn't require a monthly subscription. I was also trying to figure out how to continue teaching workshops with everything closed down and feeling very upset about it. So the Cricut sat on my work table collecting dust. Piece by piece everything started to fall into place and here we are today.


I conquered my fears & embraced change! I discovered that what I thought was a complicated lengthy process was actually a journey of learning exciting new ways of being creative AND an opportunity to use my graphic design skills.

Do you have a shirt or hoodie that you already love & wish it had a fun message to convey what you love about yourself? Something edgier you want to project out into the world like a sarcastic Carebear stare?

Then for the love let's connect, I am taking custom orders!

I also have designs that will be popping up in my Etsy shop.  You can follow this link HERE to add my shop to your favourites list or you can head over to IG & give me a follow to see what I'm working on!



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