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Believe me, I've been where you are - lost, disconnected, and scattered. Trying to control everything outside of myself and feeling helpless - unaware of the potential power within me. 

I came across this quote, nearly three years ago, which started me on my journey to become the person I am today.

You'll never change your life

until you change something you do daily.

The secret of your success

is found in your daily routine.

- Author Unknown

The power to heal ourselves can only be found in how we show up in our day-to-day lives.

Let me show you how I've navigated my way from scattered chaos into empowered wholeness.

Let's Get Virtual!

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per Person

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To download my Custom Mala PDF please sign up below.

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2 - 2 Hour Sessions

Day 1 

Start with Grounding Meditation

History & Anatomy of the Mala

How to start your mala

Setting Intentions

Stringing your mala

In my workshops you will learn;

  • All about Malas: a bit of history & an anatomy lesson

  • How to set intentions and why they are so important

  • How to build a mala from start to finish

  • Using & Caring for Your Mala

  • How to Create a New Routine

Day 2  


Finish Stringing

The Knotting Process

Completeing Your Mala

Using & Caring for your Mala

Daily Routine

Each participant will receive;

 A customized mala making kit 

  • Your customized mala pattern

  • 108 (8 & 6mm) Semi-Precious Beads

  • 1 Rudraksha Seed Guru Bead

  • 1 Hand Made Silk Tassel or Pendant or both

  • Thread for stringing


Ashley C.

I somehow came across this workshop on Facebook and was fascinated by the concept: Juniper intuitively chooses your stones based on an intake form that states your intentions and creates a beautiful

custom mala kit.


This is also the first time I got to make my own mala, and let me tell you: it’s a lot of work! Juniper was wonderful, guiding us through each step with tons of patience as we each slowly got the hang out of it.


Making a mala can be frustrating and tedious, or relaxing and meditative, but as with anything in life,

YOU get to choose.       

Karen Elaine.jpg

Karen E.

My job was so easy and meditative.


You did an amazing job, you designed it beautifully!


You made it meaningful to who I am and my intentions. 


You teach it in a fun and straightforward way.


I seriously feel a deep connection with this mala.


Stacie G.

I wasn’t sure what to expect making a Mala or using it. The entire process was joyful and cathartic. Juniper answered all my questions with honesty and warmth. The relaxed atmosphere lead to sharing laughter and truth. The quality of the beads is amazing. They are beautiful and sturdy. I was educated on the meaning of each part and even know how Important the knotting process is. I would definitely do a Mala workshop again and plan on attending another one soon.

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