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What is a Reiki Box?

A personal devotion,
a weekly focus of intention & a touch of Reiki love.
Freely given if you're open
to receiving.

A Reiki box serves a physical object to focus the flow of Reiki energy in order to manifest & achieve intentions. As well the Reiki box is a way to transmit Reiki energy to multiple people at once. As Reiki is not limited to giving energy to a single person at a single point in time, it can also be directed towards thoughts & events both in the past, present & future. Therefore through my daily ritual, I can help others while helping myself.

Weekly Intentions:

I find the best approach to manifesting your intentions is to write from a place of gratitude as if you’ve already received what you’re asking for. For example, I might write “I am filled with gratitude for the abundance I am always receiving from the Universe” Or simple statements such as, "I am Enough."

At the start of each week, I will set an intention for something that I need more of in my life knowing that there are others who will also have the same need.

My Daily Ritual:

Part of my daily ritual is to spend 15 minutes sending Reiki energy to this beautiful box, which has the names of people who wish to receive loving energy for free. Through my self-care practice, I can more deeply care for others.

If you would like to join me on my journey please reach out, provide me with your name & email address and I will gladly add you to my daily devotion.

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