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Weekly Tarot Reading February 7th - 13th

On Sundays, I like to get the week ahead sorted, including a schedule of tasks I want to get done each day. After filling in my commitments – and arranging each daily schedule, I was called to pull a card for the week ahead.


O giver of enlightened hearts!

Offer me the wine of your kindness,

for this is the reason

you have brought me here

from the desert of oblivion!

O beautiful wine giver!

Poor me the wine that gives me insight.

Offer me the wine from the Sea of Love

and fill my heart with pearls.

Pour it into my heart,

until I shred the veil and go beyond reason. My spirit is consumed by judgment,

and my life is reduced by thoughts.

Poor that precious wine

over the frozen cries of skeptics,

until their words become warm,

and their nays become yeas!


“Beloved, you are being offered a gift that is beyond your understanding. This gift is from the hand of the Divine Beloved, an offering to you that will lift you beyond what you have known into the next opening of your inner eye, of your heart, of your soul, so that it may cross the earth with the light of heaven.

This may sound wonderful. Indeed it is! Yet welcome though this gift may be, there is a trick to receiving it, you see. When the sweet wine is offered, you must drink, but also, be willing to become drunk! You must be willing to let go of your control. You must trust in what will happen, trust that you will be cared for, or that you may appear to be the fool. You must be willing to not have all the answers or (indeed any answers at all, my wise soul mate), and trust that this is according to a higher plan and not some inadequacy or error.

This oracle comes with guidance for you. Are you having fun yet? … Surely you can find some time, in between the endless to-dos of your to-do list, to throw a tantrum and come dancing with me instead? Your honour and commitment, discipline and focus, are certainly to be rewarded - with some uninhibited nonsense hopefully. Come, put aside that seriousness for a moment or more, and allow the wild child in you to take your body and soul for a spin. Together, let’s go and paint the town the colour of love.”

I am struggling to express the personal impact of this card - it is quite the message to unpack, but usually I have something to say. I’ve been sitting here at my computer for about 45 minutes trying to put my interpretations into words, but it seems that I'm not meant to so I’m going to let it percolate while I go spend time with my little family.

Happy Sunday everyone!

If you’re here in the deep freeze of February with me - stay warm.



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