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Weekly Tarot Reading Returns

Hello Loves, Happy New Year!

Let's start off 2021 by diving back into weekly tarot readings. I have missed doing these, as they create an anchor point in the week for me and I know many of you enjoyed them too.

This week's card is #5. SURF THE UPRISING WAVE OF LOVE from the Rumi Oracle Deck.

This card is about letting go and trusting the universe's plan for you. Trusting that your highest good is being taken care of - you need not worry just let go of the idea of control.

When I'm setting intentions I always add a line, "this or something better." That way I'm asking for what I want to bring into my life AND I'm leaving room for the universe to gift me with more, why limit your potential?

"The disorder, however, is the ego perspective because its range of vision is too small, too limited, to comprehend the greater workings of the planetary systems that move life towards love. That is as it should be. The teacup is not made to hold the ocean, just actually a cup of tea! But if we begin to imagine that a cup of tea is preferred to the ocean, simply because it's more containable, how much we miss out!"

We try to control the outcome we limit it, the ego's job to keep us safe as if we are a child in need of minding. We need to gently embrace our ego, thank it for getting us this far and remove it from the driver seat to let life unfold knowing that it is safe for us to do so.

"Your heart is more powerful than your fear and it wants to live in total trusting surrender of the unfoldment of life's genius."

It's time for us to all drop into our hearts space, and lead from there. We have been taught to override our heart's intelligence with our mind, forgetting that our minds are a tool for us to use - they are not meant to run the show, and our real power comes from our heart space. We have the choice to be ruled by our minds with our fearful ego at the helm, or we can drop into our heart space and be fueled by love - be connected to our divine light. We are more powerful than our minds can comprehend. The mind's capacity is limited, it can easily be fooled, but the heart cannot - it has unlimited potential and unlimited power.

When setting intentions the real magic comes from feeling into said intentions. How will realizing your intentions make you feel? Also, our mind does not know the difference between visualization and reality. So visualizing your intention aids in its manifestation - see it and feel it then let it go. Let go of control and trust that the universe is conspiring to give it to you.

"Oracle comes with a message for you. There are changes happening and they will be out of your control. This is because you're ready for accelerated life change. Rather than paddling, you'll be caught in a wave and move further, faster. Let yourself surge on with the energy of what is happening, leading with your heart and just going with whatever unfolds. This will bring you the best fortune and open you up to the divine destiny that is your birthright this lifetime."

I wrote more in-depth about the heart space, you can access your free copy HERE.

This PDF is for personal use only, please share a link to my website instead and let your loved one sign up for their own copy.



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