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Weekly Tarot Reading - August 2nd - 8th

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Received August 2nd, shared August 3rd.

August always arrives with a different scent in the air, even if I didn't have a calendar I could tell when Augusts started. There is a crispness in the air first thing in the mornings that isn’t there in July, and my mind starts to wander towards the harvest, both literally and figuratively. In Paganism there are three harvest festivals the first of which starts in August. (Lughnasadh (Lammas), Autumn Equinox (Mabon), Samhain (Hallowe'en). The harvest of seeds planted in March may be upon us, but there’s also still some time to plant seeds. As many of my gardening friends know there are some crops you can even plant in October/November for an early spring harvest. I digress, my point is though the harvest has started don’t stop planting seeds for the future.

Heading into my meditation this morning, my intention is to connect with my divine-self and make a game plan for this fresh month - what does it hold for us?

For the last 2 weeks, I struggled to meditate or journal - even though I tried I couldn’t connect. I am going to say that it was the anxiety leading up to my dental appointment, and being high on pain pills afterward. Before my procedure, I asked for Reiki healing from a group I'm a part of on Facebook and I believe it's why I didn't feel pain after dropping the meds. No pain, no bruising, no swelling. I also asked for Reiki for the people whose hands I would be in. It turned out perfectly, well as perfectly as having dental work done under sedation could go. I feel very grateful to have had everything done in this time. It took nearly a year to the day and now I can work on building a healthy relationship with my dentist so that large procedures are no longer required. Nearly 40 years of trauma to unpack so that my pain doesn’t affect my little’s journey - she turns 3 this September and her time for dentists is starting.

One of the messages I received during my meditation was around the ego and the inner child. After 40 years of my ego’s protection, it’s time for her to rest, it is time to surrender - the battle is done. I am alive here and now because of her protection. The ego just wants to be loved, and my inner child wants to be healed.

Me: But how?

Also me - My higher self: Let go of the "how" your job now is to surrender.

Me again: Okay.

Side note: When I was adding names to my Reiki box a week or so ago, I was called to write my birth name. During my Reiki session today my inner child appeared before me as my eight-year-old self, time to learn about working with my inner child.

Another message I received was about getting grounded in my body and focus on playful movement. For me, it’s about belly dance, coin belts, zills, and lively music. My daughter loves music and dancing so it’s a really fun way to play with her and also get a workout. LOL

The final message I received is this, “You can’t change people, or fix them, but you can plant seeds for them. If it’s meant for them - if they accept the seeds - then they (the seeds) will root and grow without your interference.”

Today’s card is #4 of the Rumi Oracle - The Cloak of Christ

The mantle of divine protection, know that I may receive the comic grace and healing I need through the power and mercy of your presence. Thank you!

Remember your reactions are a symptom of your exhaustion and a sign that you need respite, sanctuary, restoration. They are not a sign that something must be done so much as a sign that something must be received, allowed. That something is healing made possible through divine protection. The protection bestowed through the cloak of Christ. This unconditionally loving energy is not limited to the being bearing its name – it is typified wholeness.

The compassion born out of our own struggles tempers the karmic weight of divine justice – what is bestowed upon you now is the restoration of forgiveness, of kindness, of mercy. You’re being given a grace, here and now, it that may be overcome.

[This cloak] is a sacred container for your healing process and an energetic field that is stronger and more enduring than even the greatest fears or doubts.

For you, this is essential. There is a person, place, thing or belief that has come to be like a manacle around your wrist, and iron ball and a leg iron, preventing you from moving forward with the grace you have earned spiritually. You’re being in power to shut that. Don’t hesitate. Let yourself be cloaked in Christ energy and receive the spiritual assistance you deserve now. There is a reason for this – the unfolding of your life purpose is taking a turn for the better and your energy is required to fuel that new life. Released something to make room for the divine wishes to fill your hearts and hands with more.

This is quite a profound card when I reflect upon the messages of my meditation. I get hung up on the word Christ, which indicates I still have healing to do around organized religion.

August brings for me inner child healing, making peace with my ego, and planting more seeds. I’d love to hear what today’s post brings up for you.



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