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The Very Definition of Irony

The irony of this past week is not lost on me. Sunday night, after sending out my weekly email to those in my first 7-week program, I felt ill. I'd been feeling off for most of the day but thought it was from making 300 pierogies and celebrating Easter with my small family the day before. You know, the social hungover feeling? ⁠

Monday found me with zero energy and my child also became ill as the day progressed. So where is the irony? It can be found in the title of this past week’s topic. “Everything is Energy,” and I found myself sitting at a choice point. I could choose to push through, and teach a class with a whisper of a voice propped up in my chair, or I could ask for what I needed. ⁠

I asked for what I needed from others without fear and gave myself the space to heal with compassion. I was knocked out flat and still showed up for myself. With no energy, and no voice I chose to focus on supporting my body to heal, accepting what is, and allowing myself to rest. I didn’t push myself - I napped with my daughter, shut off all of my alarms, and left the housework, because we know it wasn’t going to go anywhere. ⁠

Another thing I didn’t do was beat myself up for doing the bare minimum. Did I master this process perfectly? No, I'm human after all. However, coming out on the other side I feel calm, grounded, and grateful. Managing your energy is so important and I am grateful for creating this seven-week process as I share I integrate what I’ve learned more deeply and I’ve been given many opportunities for practical application - walking the walk as I talk to talk.⁠

Heading into this week I am more prepared on the topic of Energy & Rest than I would’ve been had I not gotten sick. The Universe has such a sense of humour and the irony is not lost on me that between Energy is Everything and Rest & Gratitude I found myself smack dab in the middle walking right through both.⁠

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