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I had to find my own way...

I had to find my own way, or more importantly, I had to allow myself the opportunity to show up in my own way.

I have beautiful mentors, successful women whom I deeply admire. Each standing in their own power - shining their own unique lights. They inspire me in many different ways and they encourage me to step more fully into who I am.

Last year I stop pushing and give myself the grace to discover what it looked like for me to show up in my authentic alignment. It became clear to me that I needed to show up in a way that prevents the cycle of showing up - shining bright - to burnout. That it’s okay to tune in to the cycle of the year with its ebb & flow. Understanding why plants don’t bloom in the dead of winter and showing up in celebration of each phase is a more powerful place for me to stand.

I’ve been in a rest phase integrating all that I’ve harvested from the last year, preparing and gathering for the next phase. I am planting seeds and letting them germinate.

It’s OK to revel in the quiet silence of the season and gather all the pieces of myself in preparation for the coming spring. it’s OK for you to show up for yourself in whatever way that is authentically aligned for you.

If you’re feeling like me and you’re ready to start prepping for spring I have a seven-week intention intensive launching March 1st.

During those seven weeks I will guide you through;

  • Clarity the Foundation of Setting Intentions

  • Clearing Resistance

  • Creating Supportive Daily Routines

  • Putting Yourself First

  • Energy Awareness

  • The Importance of Rest & Recalibration

  • The Power of Gratitude

  • Embracing Celebration & Fun

It is my goal to guide you from scattered chaos into empowered wholeness. From the messiness of spring (the snow melts to reveal all things we didn’t do in the fall) to the full bloom of summer standing among all those flowers in your empowered wholeness ready to receive the bounty of your harvest.

If this resonates please join my email list, we start on March 21st and I'll be sending out the invitation to my email list first.



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