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How to Connect with Your Higher Self

To follow up this morning's Instagram post, here's how I'm connecting to my higher self and a little insight on how to know your in or out of alignment with your higher self.

So what is your higher self?

It's you, who you are at your core and it speaks to you through your intuition. Everyone has intuition you just have to learn how to turn up the volume, and you do this by connecting with your higher self. Here's how you can connect to your light.

1. Meditation: You can start with guided meditations, they're great when you're in the head space for them. Setting an intention is key when entering into a daily meditation practice.It is also beneficial to create a sacred space for meditation, it doesn't have to be perfect or fancy, but simply have the purpose of meditation. I have a rocking chair I used to rock my little to sleep.

Creating a daily practice is all about forming mental connections with your space and the steps you follow, much like a bedtime routine, they signal your brain that it is time to get into a meditation mode.

2. Journaling: Grab a book and a pen to write it out! I used to write so much as a teenager that my hand would cramp up so I started writing with both hands. I've been processing a lot through journaling lately.There's something about connecting your thoughts with the physical aspect of writing. Journaling helps you to let go of the negative energy and allows you to tap into your higher self by connecting on a subconscious level.

3. Personal Mantra: Create one or find one that resonates with you. Something that brings you back into yourself in times of stress, anxiety, and that negative swirl of emotion. It has to be powerful enough to remind you to breathe helping you center and see the bigger picture.

4. Relaxing Activities:

  • Soaking in a hot tub with epsom salts,

  • Drawing, colouring something creative,

  • Dancing or listening to music,

  • Getting active, ideally outside if you can.

Any activities that increase your vibrations and help you feel better are beneficial.

When you grow this connection to your higher self;

  • You will feel calmer and more at peace.

  • You will find it easier to navigate negative situations and emotions.

  • It will be easier to have trust that things are always happening for you, and not to you.

  • You will be more intuitive and you will recognize the signs the universe is sending to you.

  • You will become tuned into your life's purpose.

When you find yourself anxious, afraid, angry or lost it is a sign that you need to nurture this connection with your higher self.

I hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions please reach out!



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