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Monday, April 13th, 2020

Monday the start of a fresh week! A blank page where we can write our own story.

Today I'm listening to Magnetic Mind’s "Self Connection" a binaural beats meditation. 

The message I received during my meditation was simply this: I am, You are, We are - healed, powerful, loved. We are connected to one and other, the good & the bad that exists in the world is us, humanity. We need to lean into love and compassion and grace. Let go of the hate, the judgement and pettiness. 

Today's card is the Five of Air: 

Another five which seems fitting given our current global situation. To remind you 5s bring the energy of challenge, change and the test of hardship. The change 5s speak to is that of involuntary change. We're content with our lives but a crisis is thrust upon us, and life lessons are often painful but they lead to spiritual growth.

Five of Air: You are involved in a turf battle or argument which has become nasty; bitter words gossip and slander may be thrown about. Unwelcome criticism may be given or received. Conflicts often generate growth, as painful as they might be. 

What can you learn from present conflict about the Power of Words? 

Affirmation: I defend my own place in the world without resorting to bitterness or hate hurtful words. 

Perhaps this card is highlighting the struggle between scarcity and abundance. The Divide between the Haves and Have Nots. The conflict between those in charge and those who are not. Any given moment you can find a plethora of conflicting information on social media and this morning I shared a video by Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins where she clearly illustrated the complexity of what people are broadcasting on to their social media platforms right now. 

This question is asking us to remember our words have power and knowing that our words have power we have a responsibility to use our words wisely. Please take some time to consider the words you expose yourself to daily, the words you yourself put out into the world. We are inundated with information that can help or harm and COVID-19 is highlighting this fact on our social media. Now more than ever it is important to think about what you are reading and sharing. We are all human beings and everything we write or say is coloured by our own perspectives. We have the choice to speak up or stay silent, we have a choice to share information that is fear-based or base on love. We can choose to share misinformation or we can fact check what we’re reading. Instead of being passive absorbers, we can be clear channels.

Before you speak, let your words pass through three gates: 
is it true? 
Is it necessary? 
Is it kind? 


Always Juniper

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