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My Journey Towards Acceptance

I’ve come to the realization that the truth I’ve been fighting to drag into the light isn’t THE truth, it’s my truth and there are as many truths as there are people on this planet. It’s like saying there is only one path to God, only one right religion. People can sit in the same church, hear the same sermon, and yet take away very different understandings based on their perspectives. This realization had me laughing at myself as I recalled something from my childhood recently.

Since about the age of 12 I’ve had this belief that in the beginning when all the continents were connected – the birth of humanity so to speak. Someone came down and said, “Here is the truth,” and everyone who was there took a piece of that truth with them. A piece of the puzzle – part of the whole. Somewhere along the way we have forgotten that we are all pieces of that truth. My 12yo self knew this and my 40yo self has just remembered it. It’s not like it was actually forgotten, just tucked away for safekeeping until I needed it.

This remembering has set me off on a journey towards acceptance. Acceptance keeps coming up for me and I know it’s something everyone struggles with. The tricky bit about acceptance is that you don’t have to agree with what’s happening, you’re simply acknowledging that it exists. That’s acceptance, acknowledgment of what is or has happened without judgment.


I wrote this post on Monday, intending to post it yesterday (Tuesday), but I was called to post something else entirely. This train of thought seems more suited to a day like today, with everything that transpired yesterday in the United States.

I am still working on acceptance and I understand that it’s a key component to forgiveness. I feel that this avenue is much needed and will eventually lead to unity. I am part of a group chat on Telegram and someone posted the words, “Observe don’t absorb” and for me, that means to be aware, pay attention but don’t let what’s going on outside get inside of you.



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