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My Reiki Box Offering Anew!

Hey Loves!

I seem to have more to say these days than Instagram will let me post. LOL So instead of long daily Instagram posts, I'm going to dive into my Blog a lot more. I'd mentioned in my last post on Thursday (April 9th) that I was jumping back into my Reiki practice and promoting my Reiki box offering again.

So what is a Reiki box?

A Reiki box serves a physical object to focus the flow of Reiki energy in order to manifest & achieve intentions. As well the Reiki box is a way to transmit Reiki energy to multiple people at once. As Reiki is not limited to giving energy to a single person at a single point in time, it can also be directed towards thoughts & events both in the past, present & future. Therefore through my daily ritual, I can help others while helping myself.

My Daily Ritual:

Since COVID-19 reached Canadian soil my daily practice has changed. My morning meditations end with a Reiki session. Over the past couple of weeks, my Reiki sessions have included a self-healing component that flows into the Reiki box and out into the Earth. The energy I'm sending into this beautiful box is sent out to the people who wish to receive loving energy for free.

If you would like to join me on my journey please reach out, provide me with your name & email address and I will gladly add you to my daily devotion.

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