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Meeting the Morning Sun

It is my morning ritual to meet the sun in my office. I love the moment when it rises up above the rooftops and shines right through the window.

Usually, that moment finds me in meditation letting go of that which is not me, not mine, and no longer for my highest good.

I let Gaia absorb and transmute these pieces into love and light for all sentient beings, no matter the part they're currently playing.

Then, I reach up and connect with source, father God-consciousness, my Highest Self, the great I AM asking for the spaces I've created to be filled with love and light.

The final step in my meditation is to amplify that light and send it out like the sun expanding it to encompass our entire planet.

Then I spend time in my journal and let the sunshine on my face. I leave my office feeling deeply grounded, and connected.

The sun always rises and even in the midst of our current turmoil, it is possible to feel joy, to be so deeply connected to the I AM, and know that this life we are breathing is miraculous.

As above, so below As within, so without As the body, so the soul.



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