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Childhood Scars & Reiki Healing

I wouldn’t say that I had a horrible childhood, it wasn’t perfect, however, I don’t believe there is such a thing as perfect. We as humans are imperfect, so we all have scars and no one is immune from said scars. My mom & dad were not horrible parents, they did the best they could with what they had. My upbringing left scars I didn’t even know I had until I stepped into motherhood. I’ve often thought that I was unaffected by the experiences I lived through as a child, or rather not negatively affected.

However the deeper I go into self-discovery the more wounds I find that need healing. This current phase of my life is all about healing myself and through this healing I am being drawn towards healing others. There’s been a lot of Inner Child items flittering past me lately and even tips & tricks to identifying your inner child wounds and how to heal them. The universe is always talking, it’s just whether or not you’re listening. I’m being called to recognize my scars and mend them.

I’ve been working with a mentor for the first time in my life and tonight I sit here and marvel at just how much I’ve learned. As the kids say these days, “I’m so Woke.” At least I think that’s what the kids are saying these days. I am expanding, growing and changing. The more I reflect & allow this growth the more awestruck I become.

I have been intrigued by Reiki for many years, it’s kind of been sitting within my peripherals. One of those, “someday I’d really like to take a closer look and see what it’s all about,” sort of things. When I dived into reviving Creating Juniper I took the opportunity presented to me and stepped into the universe of Reiki and have since attained my Reiki & Crystal Reiki Master Levels. I have incorporated Reiki into my daily routine and it plays a major role in both healing my past & creating my future.

In regards to the jewelry I make, each piece is lovingly created with intention. Each piece is cleansed & charged with Reiki energy, and ready to go. I’ve created many pieces to stock my Etsy & Online shops, however, what really lights me up is when I create a custom piece with a specific person in mind. I’m being guided to create more custom pieces, and utilize Reiki more fully in my life & business.

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