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Everything around could fall apart and I would still have love in my heart...

I've been listening to I Am by Fia on repeat for the last 3 days. The particular lyrics that are really resonating with me are;

"No, I am not who you think I am I am so much more, I am one with Source I am limitless, infinite, powerful, abundant, complete from the start, creator of all I am that I am Oh I am that I am

And therefore everything around could fall apart and I would still have love in my heart"

I've been struggling with sharing on social media lately. The energy is so heavy right now, oppressively so that I find myself retreating. I've been living in my journal and processing everything I've been consuming this last little while. I feel that I will be quieter on here for the next little while. I stopped shoulding all over myself finding some grace and acceptance of this current phase I'm in.

I am so grateful for the lightworkers in my life who have been sharing their beautiful voices, expressing so perfectly what I am seeing, feeling & experiencing. I can share their light while I integrate all the work I've been doing for myself knowing that others need their messages as much as I do.

Aurora Light just shared a wonderful Belief Re-patterning around Finding Stability and I highly recommend you check out the replay.

I shared a post from Tracy Montgomery about finding your neutrality, and all I could say was "Fucking WOW!" because her message was in my heart and she put it so perfectly. She also has a free SRT clearing tomorrow afternoon I invite you to attend.

These are just two of the many bright lights I am so grateful for. I remember when coming onto social media was more of an emotional drain, but lately, for me, it's been filled with so much love & light. I see all of you standing in your power and sharing your light.

A message I received recently was this, "Stop fighting the darkness, and start building up your light." I'm not talking about spiritual bypassing I'm talking about seeing & accepting the darkness for what it is but stop putting all your energy into fighting its existence. Focus your energy on taking care of yourself and as Aurora said today, "Put your oxygen mask on first."



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