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I am an expression of the Divine, everything I need is within me.

This week’s intention is, “I am an expression of the Divine, everything I need is within me."

I used to believe that I was just a girl from the middle of nowhere, a nobody with nothing of note to offer the world. I suffered from imposter syndrome and I am learning that these feelings of unworthiness don’t mash with who I am today. So this week I am inviting you to seek out the divine within yourself, and live this week’s intention with me.

If you are not part of my weekly Reiki box offering please DM me or send me an email.

The mala I am creating this week is a labradorite, moonstone & black tourmaline mala with gold plated sterling silver accents and a handmade silk tassel. Three of my favourite stones, with labradorite being only second to my first love lapis lazuli.


Whether you have already established a relationship with the Goddess, or are searching for that connection, moonstone is an excellent choice. A stone of new beginnings, it aids you in strengthening your intuition as well as embracing the cyclical nature of the moon. Much like the tides, which are affected by the moon, this beautiful stone helps you go with the flow.

Black Tourmaline:

This little black gem is my “go-to” when I am in need of a deep energy cleanse. Immensely protective, black tourmaline will cleanse your entire body, right down to your aura. It will absorb negative energy and erase anxiety. This stone is perfect for not only grounding you but maintaining that state of being, even when faced with negative influences or navigating negative situations.


A highly mystical and protective stone, Labradorite is also referred to as “the bringer of light”. This stone works to clear, balance, and protect the aura. It reduces stress and anxiety, instilling self-confidence while providing insight to your destiny. Attract success with this beautiful stone!

Rudraksha Seed (every one of my malas has a rudraksha seed for the guru bead):

Rudraksha is a seed traditionally used as a prayer bead in Hinduism. Sometimes referred to as “blueberry beads” because they are covered by a blue outer shell when fully ripe. This manifestation powerhouse has been worn for centuries. It is known to reverse the effects of stress, alleviate anxiety, promote self-empowerment, and live without fear.

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