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Raising Your Vibration

Updated: May 8, 2021

Music and Dancing are at the top of my vibration rising list.

I think back on my life and I’ve used music to release emotions, loud and wild when I was angry, sad & slow when tears needed to be shed. Songs on repeat just because they felt so damn good to sing and move to.

I bet my mom wishes she’d bought me headphones. LOL Sorry, not sorry. I love you.

I know from watching my daughter dance around that it’s innate. She has been dancing and singing since she could barely stand or speak. Her movements are intuitive, she is free in her expression and follows where her body goes.

We always have music on in our house and when a good song comes on we have a dance party break. I do my best to be an example and nurture her love of singing, dancing, and being comfortable in her body.

I think music and dance are primordial, when I discovered belly dance in my early 20’s something inside me switched on. A deeper connection with the earth awoke and with it a connection to something older than this body.

Now almost 20 years later here we are, music and dancing are an integral part of my self-care. I still use both to release negative emotions and invite higher vibrations into my energy field. Dancing & singing is how I honour my inner child, it’s how I call in my wholeness and connect to the divine. I now have wireless headphones. You’re welcome hubs. LOL

How many of us start the day with something fun? How many of us start our day diving into things that make us feel free, powerful, and connected?

I was filled with so much resentment, I felt helpless and disconnected until I learned about self-care and from there I took responsibility for my shit and created a space in my day solely for me. Is life all sunshine & rainbows now? No, but I can find the light in the darker moments and when I can’t music is here for me.

Do you feel helpless? Resentful? Disconnected?

I recommend giving dancing a try – the first 5 minutes are the hardest after that all you need to do is follow your body. If dancing really isn’t your thing then it’s time to get curious - find something that is. Give yourself permission to play – try things that you used to love to do as a child, that you may have forgotten about. Find that thing which lights you up and makes you feel free, powerful & connected.

I’d love to hear what you discover.

Already start your day with something fun? Feel free to drop it in the comments, perhaps it will inspire someone else.

I am breathing life back into my 7-Day Intention Intensive - which is a free offering that will teach you how to set intentions in 7 areas – Self-care, Personal Development, Family, Friends & Community, Energy, Time, Money, and Fun & Celebration. If you’re interested please reach out.

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