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Weekly Tarot Reading - July 13th - 18th

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

I'm changing the format of our weekly reading as Instagram is limiting the number of characters and sometimes I find myself running out of space before I'm finished speaking. ❤

Yesterday I let my nearly 3-year-old pick this week's card. I think I will let her do this more often. The card that came up is timely and on par with everything that has been coming up for me lately. I know what is true for me will also be true for many of you. It's time to open up our heart space and rise above the darkness collectively.


She spins, the great Earth goddess, upon invisible strings amongst the wildly pulsating ballet of life. Stars are born, live, and die all around her. Life moves in a constant flux, and still she spins in her great, loving, constant pirouette.  How can this be? All of creation is born of nothing; out of endless silence and darkness, light emerges. What strange magic is this?  The Sun heats the Solar System in Burns with the power to destroy life; yet, it is a force by which life is sustained. Surely this makes no sense in cannot be? We dance in the realm of impossible made possible constantly, you and I. We are so engrossed in it, so familiar with it and yet blind to it, that these constant impossibilities happening in every moment fail to inspire us.

Yet what are your biggest, boldest, most extraordinarily impossible dreams compared to this great impossibility of life itself? Ah, they are but tiny seeds in the Creator's masterful hand, being now planted in the heavenly garden. Yes, they are being planted right now, for the moon tells us the time is right. Most tenderly shall they be watched over, nurtured into fullness according to the season. Yes, that growth is assured. The impossible is now made possible.

The Rumi Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

"The human heart knows everything envisioned can manifest according to divine timing and grace. Yet the mind does quake with fear, so much so that it will not listen to the heart at times."

The mind is afraid that we will be found unworthy of that which we seek. It is wrong, we are worthy from our first breath in this world, in this life. Even before this breath! With the spark of our very creation, we are worthy!

"It [the mind] creates barriers instead, ruling nothing more than lines in the sand, yet believed to be forts."

You are being guided to drop this fear, this doubt. "Shed the incredulity and open up the mind. Allow your imagination to be inspired as though you are a child in a great garden hearing the breath of the earth in the wind-whipped leaves and the voices of the ancestors in birdsong. The universe wants something to happen for you, something beautiful, utterly improbable, perfect for your path, your divine destiny. You will want it with all your soul, you may not be aware of it right now, but your heart will know. When your heart is much more powerful than your mind you won't intentionally block the incredible grace of manifestation seeking to pour into your thirsty soul, like the sweetest, purest waters of blessings.

Interested in learning how to open your heart space? Connect with me and I will share a PDF I've created to help you do just that.



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