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Healing Your Relationship with Money

This week’s intention is “Money comes to me from the infinite source of universal abundance.”

Money, abundance, wealth, etc. is a sore spot for many of us. This week I am actively trying to heal my relationship with money.

My parents worked hard to make sure my brother and I were fed and had clothes to wear. We didn’t have a lot of extras but there was always food on the table. I learned that if you wanted anything in life you had to work for it and to treat what you have with care. The word Abundance wasn’t really spoken about in my family, we always had just enough even during the toughest of times.

All throughout my adult years I have always had enough, to be sure, I am blessed. I live in a nice house in a good neighbourhood. I have clothes on my back and food on the table. My husband works hard to keep us so, and our daughter wants for nothing. However, my thoughts and emotions connected to money and abundance are still from that place of scarcity. I stay home to raise our daughter and I am dependent on my husband and with that comes a deep-seated feeling of guilt.

This money dialog in my brain needs to change, I shouldn’t feel guilty for being home with our daughter and these feelings are not coming from my husband. It is never “his” money always “our” money. I started working with Reiki and daily intentions set around money/abundance. I am healing old thought patterns around money. Money is a form of energy and a way to access freedom. I am worthy of abundance and it is more than okay to make money using my gifts to help others. I have struggled in the past with setting prices, especially for friends and family.

I invite you to join me for this week’s Reiki Box & Mala Combo where we will be focusing on healing our old thought patterns and beliefs around money/abundance. Please DM me your name and email address so I can add you to my Reiki Box. As always if you have any questions please reach out!

If you’re in the Edmonton area I am hosting a Mala workshop on November 9th, registration closes this Saturday, October 26th. I would love to have you in attendance. For more information please head over to my Facebook page and check out the event.

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