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Unity, Acceptance & Responsibility

Periodically I find myself censoring my voice because I am afraid I will not be accepted. You see I’m not perfect, and forget that my voice is as important as everyone else’s, and with that being said I’m about to say things that may upset or even offend others and that’s okay. I am okay with it because I’m standing in my truth and sharing from my heart with love. I trust that it will reach the people who need to hear it and that if it doesn’t resonate with others that they will still benefit from reading it.

No matter your beliefs, they do not override the beliefs of others. Humanity cannot be broken down into right and wrong, good and evil, or left and right. We are multifaceted beings that hold the capacity for both love and hate. Humanity is capable of both - we have seen it in our history and we see it with our own eyes on the daily.

I believe we are being lied to, manipulated & controlled and we have been from the beginning. Re-read your history books and understand that those that do this to others will do it to you. Most of our countries are founded on genocide, war, and enslavement – this is a fact. Our ancestors did horrible things, all of our ancestors. No one in human history is immune to this fact, every culture, religion, and political system has harmed & oppressed others.

Acceptance is the way forward, accept our past for what it was. No matter who you are, somewhere in your ancestral line there were people who harmed others, enslaved others, killed others. You yourself have hurt and been hurt, we have all done things that were not kind. This is a fact, accept it - acknowledge that it exists and seek to forgive. We are each a piece of the puzzle and we are equal to each other. We are all part of the whole and our power lies in our unity.

Our governments seek to divide us, in Canada, it’s East vs West, Liberal vs Conservative, Rich vs Poor, Men vs Women. Each side focused on being right and anyone who disagrees with their beliefs has to be wrong or incredibly stupid. We have been divided into Pro & Anti on everything, we have been lead to believe that it has to be one or the other, and it isn’t good enough to just believe we have to attack and vilify those who don’t feel the same. We are fighting amongst ourselves, and it’s time to stop.

It basically boils down to this: there are 3 children playing in the schoolyard, we’ll call them Tom, Dick & Harry. Tom says to Harry, “Dick doesn’t like you much, he thinks you’re stupid.” So what does Harry do? He trusts Tom, Tom is his friend and he doesn’t know Dick as well as he knows Tom. He thinks Dick doesn’t like him. Does he talk to Dick, does he ask him if what Tom says is true? Probably not. It doesn’t even occur to Harry that Tom might not be telling the truth. Perhaps he is feeling insecure because his best friend is playing with another child. This robs all three boys of the fun they could be having while together.

We are living in a tough time, a lot of people are suffering and it’s made worse because we are divided. I believe we are being lied to, manipulated & controlled, and we have from the beginning. It is now on us to accept what was, what is - seek unity, take responsibility for this division, and stop allowing ourselves to be manipulated.


One God, many faces.

One family, many races.

One truth, many paths.

One heart, many complexions.

One light, many reflections.

One world, many imperfections.


We are all one, But many.”

Suzy Kassem

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