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Weekly Tarot Reading - July 20th - 26th

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

Good Morning Loves,

This morning I sat down at my desk and started journaling, normally I meditate before I journal, but today I started journaling first and ended my daily practice with meditation.

What came of this early morning journaling was the following message:

I can be light & love and deeply political. I am deeply political because I love. I fight, I dig and I claw because I care. I care what happens to our country to the work my ancestors have put into this land. Sitting back and watching it burn is not an option. I was born here and now for a reason. My voice has been given to me to use for a purpose. I am angry because I love -both run deep in me. Anger shows me where my values are. It is a tool to be used, tempered with love it is powerful. My warrior sword!

Not everyone loves or agrees with my political-ness and that’s fine, I am honouring this piece of me. Neither side has all the answers. Unity & cooperation are possible if we have leaders who work for the people and this country instead of for themselves. We as a people need to focus on our common ground. Stop looking to divide - to be right. We need to realize it’s not us “or” them, not left “or” right. Equality - we need unity and wholeness. We need to do better and hold our leaders to a higher standard. Ask the tough questions and demand the respect of answers.

Where has a history of left vs right gotten us besides back-and-forth like a tug-of-wa?. Why can't we embrace the ‘AND”? Why can't we use our natural resources AND respect the Earth? Why can't we be omnivores AND care about the animals & how they are raised? Why can’t you be physically AND mentally healthy? Why can’t we live AND let live?

(I need to temper this part of the conversation with a side note: I do not include those who have given up their humanity by doing depraved things to our children. This does not make me a hypocrite! My love for all people isn’t unconditional, and I fully accept that as my reality. Those who would harm a child have something deeply wrong them, and according to science there is no cure for them.)

Today’s card is # 18 A New Gown

Weary and consumed by longing, I was caressed by my beloved last night.

My wounded soul was set free, when I tasted the sweetness of love.

My spirit was lifted at once.

I surrendered my life, while overflowing with joy, and my vision was filled with light.

Love said, “Don’t feel so hopeless, my weary and gloomy one, for my generosity is beyond forgetting those devoted to me.”

See how boundless divine justice can be.

Behold my immeasurable kindness!

Love embraced my spirit, and all of my doubts vanished at once.

A new inglorious robe of honour was placed on my shoulders.

Love offered me the power of new vision and the transforming touch of divine generosity

and place the chalice of eternal wine in my hand.


“Beloved, if you could only see the incredible gift, the symbolic robe, being offered to you now. Your fears we can tremble, disappearing more quickly than you can imagine! Your heart would take wings, and become so light that your entire being would live clean off the ground, and sore like an angel – bird amongst the playground of the Divine Mother’s skies.

So hold on no longer to that shabby, tattered clock so unworthy of you. Cast it off! Let me grace your shoulders now with this royal robe instead, that you may shine beautifully as befits a real child of divine parentage.

Simply honour yourself as a living being, worthy of life, worthy of this royal path of divine realization. What a gift it is to cast aside the belief in inferiority or superiority, unhelpful as those notions are for you now. What a gift instead to embrace your own path, irrespective of what others may think, whether they hold it in glory or derision.

This oracle comes with sacred guidance for you. You were stepping into empowerment in a new way and it is to be honored. Do you not allow yourself to be dragged into drama or power games. You’re worth so much more than that. You’re tapping into your inner dignity and others may not know how to respond. Some will respond with love and acknowledgment; others with fear and judgment, calling you ‘high and mighty’. Those are voices of fear, not truth. Be in your dignity and power and keep going. It is the divine that urges you thus, not the ego. Do not doubt the changes happening within you now - embrace them.”

Rumi Oracle – Alana Fairchild

I hope today’s card pull has spoken to you. If you have any questions please reach out I’d love to connect with you.



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