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Weekly Tarot Reading - August 16th - 22nd

This past week I was focused on creating my online tutorial, it’s finally finished! I will be doing a more thorough launch of it, it’s just something that I needed to mention. Also, this week I felt like I was waiting for something to arrive - you know that feeling when you’re expecting something in the mail or a delivery? That’s the sensation I was existing in this week it was odd and slightly unsettling, more so because I wasn’t expecting anything. LOL

There’s been a couple of things that keep popping up into my line of sight as of late. One is inner child work, which I believe I’ve mentioned before and the other is the Law of One. Videos I’m watching, new people I’m following on social media the topic keeps popping up and I know almost nothing about it. So, this week I’m going to be diving into that and finishing up a writing project about the Heart space.

This past week I've also been connecting to Source without Reiki and it's felt more direct, one to one connection rather than connecting through something else. This is something that anybody can do, you don’t need to be attuned to Reiki, you don’t need any type of training or any type of certification. It’s a skill that you can build, a muscle you can work to strengthen overtime if it resonates with you.

Today’s card #15: Divine Mother Manifests.

It was interesting how this card came up today. Quite literally it flipped itself out of the deck and onto the top of the pile face up in my hands – it’s definitely today’s card.

She is all, this great lady. Nothing lies outside of her sphere of influence and power, compassion, and grace. That includes you, and your dreams, great and small, my angel of love.

This oracle comes to you via secret grace and mercy of the divine mother who is the great manifesting expression of divinity. All that is created, all that is made manifest, without exception, flows from her being. This is why is it safe to trust in life – even (most especially!) the inexplicable mystery and even the darkness that may give rise to fear and judgment within us. It is all part of her unfathomable workings.

Pray for light, pray for love, honour, and live our lives with the deepest integrity we are capable of. Let go of the need for certainty and embrace the inner peace that comes from choosing trust over understanding. Trust in its beauty and beingness, and from it derive great energy, hope, and inspiration. The ways of the divine mother are not to be judged but witnessed, experienced, and received. What a relief to simply live with trust and know everything will work out!

Something that you have been working towards, growing into, loving, and dreaming for (perhaps for a long time), it’s coming to fruition.

You were being asked to receive this gift completely and utterly. Whether you feel sufficiently worthy or not. - You are one of her creations and so is the eminent manifestation of your own heart truths. Love it. Love it. Receive completely. It is yours and meant to be so.

This Oracle comes with additional guidance for you. You were held in loving protection of the Divine Mother to keep you from strength from your highest path and divine destiny. There’s work for you to do upon this planet in your own unique way.

Take some time this week to focus on what you’d like to manifest into your life. Feel what it would be like to have it and then project those emotions out into the universe fully trusting that it or something better is on it’s way to you right now.

I hope this reading resonates with you and brings forth something extraordinary for you this week.



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